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Patrick Pound in 2020 German Photo Biennale: 'The Lives and Loves of Images'.

9 March 2020


Manuel Ocampo for 22nd Biennale of Sydney: NIRIN, curated by Brook Andrew

9 March 2020


Adam Lee in 'Artist Decoded' podcast

7 March 2020


Tom Polo in ‘Contact Us’ at Cement Fondu

6 March 2020


Michelle Ussher in 'Making Her Mark: Selected Works from the Collections', the TarraWarra Museum of Art

3 March 2020


Ronnie van Hout and Patrick Pound in 'Shadow catchers' at AGNSW

20 February 2020

Photo 22-8-2019 4

STATION artists donating works to HOME: Bushfire Relief Art Auction Fundraiser

12 February 2020

Joshua Petherick Lewis Fidock

Joshua Petherick & Lewis Fidock 'Weevils in the Flour' at Gertrude Contemporary

6 February 2020


André Piguet & Jackson Slattery Stonehouse-Glasshouse publication launch

29 January 2020


Reko Rennie 'REMEMBER ME' commission for Carriageworks

26 January 2020


Eugenia Lim's 'The Ambassador' opens at The Riddoch

18 January 2020


Tony Schwensen in 'The Centre' for Mona Foma

16 January 2020


Daniel Boyd 'VIDEO WORKS' commission for Carriageworks

11 January 2020



7 January 2020


Steve Carr recipient McCahon House Artists in Residence 2020

23 September 2019

Sarah Contos in 'Connecting Thread’ at Grace Cossington Smith Gallery

18 July 2019

Sven 't Jolle, Sarah Contos and Ronnie van Hout in 'MINE' at MONA

7 June 2019

Love Forever

Nell and Ronnie van Hout in 'Talismans for uncertain times' at Bendigo Gallery

30 December 2019


Nell in 'us. universal stories'

26 December 2019


TV Moore announced as Artspace 2020 Studio Resident

13 December 2019


Tom Polo featured in Artist Profile

11 December 2019


Eugenia Lim in 'Between Two Worlds'

9 December 2019

Gardens of Memory-1

Sam Martin in 'Drawing Folio 3: Abstraction' at Block Projects

9 December 2019

15 Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands 31

Zac Langdon-Pole at Art Basel Miami

8 December 2019


Jason Phu interview in METAL Magazine

6 December 2019

Nell Treehouse

Nell 'Eveleigh Treehouse'

5 December 2019


Michael Staniak and Jonny Niesche in 'Flat Earth Society', closing 8 December

4 December 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 3

Daniel Boyd public art project Sydney CBD

3 December 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 3

Eugenia Lim in VAULT

2 December 2019

Patrick Pound, QAGOMA

Patrick Pound artist talk at QAGOMA

2 December 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 3

Zac Langdon-Pole interviewed by Tendai John Mutambu for Ocula

1 December 2019


Sam Martin finalist in R & M McGivern Prize 2019

29 November 2019


Dane Lovett

29 November 2019


STATION | Sydney exhibition ‘Pleasure Plants’ in Belle Magazine

28 November 2019

Steaphan Paton_STATION_1

Steaphan Paton in Art Forum

22 November 2019

Eugenia Lim Bus Projects

Eugenia Lim, Jason Phu, Isadora Vaughan and Steaphan Paton 'Gertrude Studios 2019' at Gertrude Contemporary

21 November 2019

Sam Martin Haus Werk (1 of 1)

Sam Martin in 'Haus Werk' at McClelland Sculpture Park + Gallery

19 November 2019

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 1

Reko Rennie in VAULT, Issue #28

13 November 2019


Isadora Vaughan & Tony Schwensen in 'Certain Realities' at MAMA

9 November 2019


Zac Langdon-Pole Berlin Masters Schliemann Residency Award Winner 2019

1 November 2019

Steve Carr 'Chasing the light'

Steve Carr at City Gallery Wellington

25 October 2019


Clare Milledge + Marian Tubbs in conversation with Dr. Prudence Gibson

16 October 2019


Reko Rennie at Carriageworks as part of Sydney Festival 2020

14 October 2019

Daniel Boyd, Yamani, 2018

Daniel Boyd 'VIDEO WORKS' installation at Carriageworks for Sydney Festival 2020

14 October 2019

Lotus 6

Dane Lovett China Residency as part of Victoria-Jiangsu Sister Province Arts Exchange at PCCA

12 October 2019

LR_Oxide painting 044, 2018

Michael Staniak and Jonny Niesche in ‘Flat Earth Society’ at Cement Fondu

11 October 2019

afterstorm web

Jon Cattapan co-curating 'Turbulence, Conflict and the Garden of Remediation’ at Melbourne Gardens, Domain House

9 October 2019

The ghost who travels will never die

Nell in ' 'Hope Dies Last: Art at the End of Optimism' at Gertrude Contemporary for Melbourne's International Art Festival

4 October 2019

Book cover

Adam Lee publication finalist AGDA Design Awards, 2019

2 October 2019

Hayman Instagram_Tom Polo20

Tom Polo's 'Paris Drawings' publication finalist in AGDA Design Awards 2019

2 October 2019


Daniel Boyd artist talk at ANU School of Art & Design

22 September 2019

MO_The Schizophrenic Assemblage of Mediated Experience

Manuel Ocampo for The Biennale of Sydney 2020

19 September 2019


Tom Polo’s 'The most elaborate disguise’ enters AGNSW Collection

19 September 2019

McGregor, Laith 'DAYS' 2018

Laith McGregor in 'Ambling & Rambling' for Australian Print Workshop

14 September 2019


STATION | Sydney

1 September 2019

Isadora Vaughan - Bilirubin Bezoar - Gertrude Glasshouse-304

Isadora Vaughan and Tony Schwensen in 'Certain Realities' at Murray Art Museum Albury

30 August 2019

Nell--made in light_U4A0700 copy

Nell's 'Made in the light – Happy Cloud and Drips' permanently installed at Maitland Regional Art Gallery

29 August 2019


Consuelo Cavaniglia in '​an unreliable narrator' at Gertrude Contemporary

28 August 2019

Reko Rennie

Reko Rennie $70,000 recipient for Artbank + ACMI Commission

28 August 2019

Nell_2019_Ghost Songs (white)_angle

​Nell, ​Consuelo Cavaniglia, ​Reko Rennie, ​Adam Lee, ​Clare Milledge, ​​Sam Martin, Marian Tubbs and Dane Lovett for Sydney Contemporary

26 August 2019

Consuelo Cavaniglia I come back toward myself I 2019 steel, tinted glass copy

Consuelo Cavaniglia in 'Bauhaus Foto', Ballarat International Foto Biennale

24 August 2019

Steve Carr 'Chasing the light'

Steve Carr's 'Chasing the Light' for NGV White Night Reimagined

23 August 2019

OA_RR 2016 Courtesy of the artist and Blackartprojects

Reko Rennie in 'Untimely Geographies' at The SUBSTATION for Channels Festival 2019

21 August 2019


Jonny Niesche, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Clare Milledge, Adam Lee + Sarah Contos in 'Idle Worship’ at Lismore Regional Gallery

16 August 2019

Tweak My Tendril

Michelle Ussher residency at West Dean College of Arts and Conservation, UK

9 August 2019


Sam Martin in ‘Zephyr' for Cultural Threads Festival

8 August 2019


Adam Lee + Dane Lovett finalists for 2019 Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize

4 August 2019

shelf I

Consuelo Cavaniglia + Brendan Van Hek in 'an unreliable narrator’ at Gertrude Contemporary

2 August 2019

McGregor_Laith_CHURCH_ 2018

Laith McGregor finalist in 2019 Geelong Acquisitive Print Awards

26 July 2019

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 11

Sean Peoples in 'MEATWARE' at Sumer, Tauranga, New Zealand

21 July 2019

CC_space for light II_3

Consuelo Cavaniglia in 'SNO 158' at Sydney Non Objective

19 July 2019

Hayman Instagram_Tom Polo18

Tom Polo publication book launches

14 July 2019


Steaphan Paton in 'Voice, Treaty, Truth' at Latrobe Regional Gallery

10 July 2019

Chasing the Light1

Steve Carr in White Night Melbourne at NGV

2 July 2019


Isadora Vaughan finalist in 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award

20 June 2019


Ronnie van Hout – 'Boy Walking'

15 June 2019

Hayman Instagram_Tom Polo-1

Tom Polo – Paris Drawings: The Most Elaborate Disguise

14 June 2019


Daniel Boyd and Marian Tubbs in 'Caught Stealing' at NAS Gallery

13 June 2019


Consuelo Cavaniglia in 'Concrete E X P A N D E D' at Vasse Felix

6 June 2019


Patrick Pound in PHoto ESPAÑA

3 June 2019

oceans meet

Daniel Boyd at Museum of Art and Design, Miami

26 May 2019


Isadora Vaughan at Gertrude Glasshouse

23 May 2019

I mix with the world, the world mixes with me_2019-1

Consuelo Cavaniglia and Jonny Niesche in 'IN-FORMALISM' at Casula Powerhouse

18 May 2019


Manuel Ocampo at STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery, Singapore

18 May 2019

20170526 Ramsay Art Prize Winner Sarah Contos SRGB 2000px Photo Saul Steed 0Z2Y2882

Sarah Contos in 'Femmage' at the Art Gallery of South Australia

15 May 2019


Consuelo Cavaniglia in 'Vanishing Point' at ANU Gallery, Canberra

15 May 2019

The Snake Decides-1

Sam Martin, Laith McGregor and Marian Tubbs finalists in 2019 Sunshine Coast Art Prize

13 May 2019


André Piguet in 'Prima Materia' at Bundoora Homestead

11 May 2019

STATION announcemnet

Announcing: STATION | Sydney

7 May 2019


David Griggs in 'City Prince/sses' at Palais de Tokyo, Paris

6 May 2019

Tracing the antiquity of Jewish alchemy with Alexie Glass-Kantor

David Griggs finalist in 2019 Archibald Prize & 2019 Sulman Prize

3 May 2019


Dane Lovett finalist in 2019 Sulman Prize

3 May 2019

Isadora Vaughn - Tarrawarra-093

Isadora Vaughan finalist in 2019 Ramsay Art Prize

30 April 2019


Joshua Petherick and Lewis Fidock 'U' at Sydney, Sydney

27 April 2019


Daniel Boyd in Kaldor Public Art Project at Carriageworks

12 April 2019

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9

Ruler, rete | STATION, Berlin

10 April 2019


Steaphan Paton in ‘The Australian Inquisition’ at Gertrude Glasshouse

10 April 2019


Steve Carr: 'Smoke Bubbles 1–58'

4 April 2019

Tm Polo watching is looking and looking is noticing 2019 213 x 198 cm acrylic and Flashe on canvas-1

Tom Polo in 'The National 2019: New Australian Art' at Art Gallery of New South Wales

28 March 2019

daniel boyd

Daniel Boyd and Edition Office’s sculpture 'For Our Country' unveiled at Australian War Memorial

27 March 2019


Steaphan Paton ‘Jack’s reloaded: material as memory’ for Melbourne Design Week

22 March 2019

TP_a_new_neck copy

Tom Polo in ‘The Whiteley at 20: Twenty Years of the Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship’, at the S.H. Ervin Gallery

21 March 2019

Screen Shot 2019-03-30 at 11

James Deutsher x FFIXXED Studios in 'ENTER' at Lyon Housemuseum Galleries

16 March 2019


Sam Martin in ‘Pictures Made of Wool’, curated by John Nixon

14 March 2019


Dane Lovett in 'Slow Rise / Burning Up' at Bus Projects

13 March 2019


Patrick Pound in ‘Defining Place/Space: Contemporary Photography from Australia’ at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA), San Diego

11 March 2019

CC_Untitled (atmospheres II) 2019, acrylic on gallery wall

Consuelo Cavaniglia in 'Visitants' at Port Hedland Courthouse Gallery, WA

10 March 2019


Reko Rennie in ‘Fatherhood’ at Over The Influence Gallery, Los Angeles.

9 March 2019

VAULT Issue 25 Tiles8

Nell in VAULT

6 March 2019


Daniel Boyd and Tony Schwensen in 'National Anthem' at Buxton Contemporary

6 March 2019


Isadora Vaughan in 'Gaia Not The Goddess' at Heide Museum of Modern Art

1 March 2019


Clare Milledge in 'Second Sight: Witchcraft, Ritual, Power’ at UQ Art Museum

28 February 2019


Patrick Pound in 'Exchange Value' at QUT Art Museum

16 February 2019


Consuelo Cavaniglia 'The Theatre is Lying' review in The Saturday Paper

14 February 2019


Jonny Niesche - Cracked Actor: Works 2013-2018

13 February 2019

IMG_2181 (2)

Patrick Pound in 'The Model Citizen' at RMIT Gallery

8 February 2019

Book cover

Adam Lee - Monolith

2 February 2019


André Piguet 'La Dronne' at Gertrude Glasshouse

30 January 2019

ACDC Altar Cloth (from Chanting with Amps), 2012

Nell and Tony Schwensen in 'Just Not Australian' at Artspace

17 January 2019


David Griggs in ‘Nothing human is alien to me’ at Artspace

17 January 2019

Marian Tubbs 2019 Studio Artist at Artspace, Sydney

11 December 2018


STATION in Berlin

7 December 2018

Zac Langdon-Pole announced as the winner of the 2018 BMW Art Journey Prize.

14 June 2018

Robert Hunter retrospective at NGV Australia

27 April 2018


Steve Carr in 'Auto-Destruct', Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, London

17 April 2018

Isadora Vaughan in 'A Thousand Times the Rolling Sun' at The Old Beechworth Gaol

15 February 2018


Nell and Sarah Contos 2019 Carriageworks Artists in Residence

21 December 2018


Isadora Vaughan finalist in the 2019 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramics Award

20 December 2018


Nell in 'Curiouser & Curiouser' at Bathurst Regional Art Gallery

14 December 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 11

Consuelo Cavaniglia in 'The Theatre is Lying' at ACCA

12 December 2018


Nell 'Eveleigh Treehouse' Commission

8 December 2018

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 3

Clare Milledge preview in Art Guide

3 December 2018


Sarah Contos in 'The TV Show' at Wollongong Art Gallery

1 December 2018

MU - Big Mother (Dead ends and Circles)

Michelle Ussher in 'Splash', the McClelland Contemporary Watercolour Award

29 November 2018


Laith McGregor in 'Trace' at Bunjil Place Gallery

23 November 2018


Tom Polo and Laith McGregor in 'Beyond Reason' at QUT Art Museum

16 November 2018


Sam Martin and Jake Walker in 'Support Structure' at La Trobe Art Institute

11 November 2018


David Griggs finalist in 2018 Bruny Art Prize

12 October 2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11

Laith McGregor 'Borrowed Time' at Tweed Regional Gallery

5 October 2018


The Telepathy Project in 'Zzzz: Sleep, Sonambulism, Madness' at Gertrude Contemporary

5 October 2018

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11

Consuelo Cavaniglia 'between and among objects' at Margaret Lawrence Gallery

4 October 2018

port duckula

André Piguet 'Port Duckula' at Spazio Tripla, IT

28 September 2018


Patrick Pound in 'Systematic' at Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania

8 September 2018


Tom Polo in 'Meditation on a Bone: Albert Tucker Beyond the Modern' at Heide

4 September 2018


Isadora Vaughan named finalist in Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award

1 September 2018


Nell in 'This Wild Song’ at the Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn, Melbourne

31 August 2018


Tom Polo in The National 2019

23 August 2018


Jon Cattapan 'The Spaces of and Between’ at Rockhampton Art Gallery

22 August 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3

Steve Carr 'Chasing the Light' at Christchurch Art Gallery, NZ

22 August 2018


Marian Tubbs in Looking But Not Seeing at Benalla Art Gallery

20 August 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9

Patrick Pound 'On Reflection' at City Gallery, Wellington, NZ

9 August 2018


Patrick Lundberg in ‘Painting Amongst Other Things’ at ANU

7 August 2018


Ronnie van Hout commission for Bendigo Art Gallery

5 August 2018

Isadora Vaughn - Tarrawarra-093

Isadora Vaughan and Michelle Usher at the 2018 TarraWarra Biennial

4 August 2018


Sarah Contos awarded Studio Scholarship at the Cité Internationale des Arts

26 July 2018


Laith McGregor 'Hide Your Eyes' at Splendour in the Grass

19 July 2018

Untitled (after Morris) c-1

Jonny Niesche and Consuelo Cavaniglia in ‘Dream’n Wild’ at ALASKA Projects

19 July 2018


'No one is watching you: Ronnie van Hout' at Buxton Contemporary

10 July 2018


Laith McGregor announced as winner of the 2018 Paul Guest Prize

3 July 2018

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 3

Ronnie van Hout profile in The Sydney Morning Herald

22 June 2018


Zac Langdon-Pole’s exhibition '«scions»’ at Kunsthalle Darmstadt, DE

1 June 2018


No one is watching you: Ronnie van Hout at Buxton Contemporary, Melbourne

23 May 2018


Laith McGregor named as a finalist in the 2018 Paul Guest Prize

9 May 2018

SArah C

Sarah Contos’ ‘Nikola Teska Sends Theda Bara To Mars’ at the National Gallery of Australia

5 May 2018


Tom Polo and David Griggs finalists in the 2018 Archibald Prize

3 May 2018


Zac Langdon-Pole in 'Loose Ends Don’t Tie’ at PS120, Berlin, DE

2 May 2018


Robert Hunter retrospective reviewed in The Age

28 April 2018


Daniel Boyd receives commission for Australian War Memorial pavilion

27 April 2018


Laith McGregor and Sam Martin shortlisted for 2018 Geelong contemporary art prize

26 April 2018


Isadora Vaughan in ‘There is a pain - so utter’, at Gertrude Glasshouse

25 April 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 11

Consuelo Cavaniglia in 'Vanishing Point' at Hazelhurst Arts Centre

21 April 2018

Tubbs - Suprasubliminals (detail), 2018

Marian Tubbs in 'Hypersea', Art Monte Carlo

20 April 2018


Consuelo Cavaniglia announced as inaugural Macfarlane Commissions recipient at ACCA

12 April 2018


Marian Tubbs and Michelle Ussher in 'Another Dimension' at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

4 April 2018


David Griggs 'BETWEEN NATURE AND SIN' at Glasshouse Regional Gallery, Port Macquarie

22 March 2018


Marian Tubbs in 'Slime and Shine' at Honeymoon Suite

22 March 2018


Consuelo Cavaniglia and Jonny Niesche in the 2018 Redlands Konika Minolta Art Prize

21 March 2018

MCA press still Jonny 8[2] WEB

Jonny Niesche in Vivid Festival, Sydney

21 March 2018


Tomislav Nikolic in 'Other People Think: Auckland’s Contemporary International Collection' at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki

17 March 2018


Isadora Vaughan and Michelle Ussher in 7th TarraWarra Biennial, 'From Will to Form'

10 March 2018


Nell at Walkway Gallery, Bordertown

7 March 2018


Laith McGregor, 'Borrowed Time' at Caloundra Regional Gallery

6 March 2018


Ronnie van Hout recipient of the Melbourne Art Foundation 2018 Commission.

16 February 2018


André Piguet 'kemp roth comb filter' at Gertrude Glasshouse

10 February 2018

steve carr

‘Variations for Troubled Hands’ named as finalist in Australian Photobook of the Year Awards.

10 February 2018


Zac Langdon-Pole at S.M.A.K, Ghent

10 February 2018


Daniel Boyd in the Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh

31 January 2018


Tony Schwensen in the International Festival of Radical Performance, Iran

30 January 2018


Joshua Petherick in ‘Unreal City’ at Firstdraft, Sydney

15 January 2018


Adam Lee 'MONOLITH' at Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne

15 January 2018

Marian Tubbs awarded the 2017 Marten Bequest Traveling Scholarship

6 June 2017


Isadora Vaughan 2018-19 Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artists

22 December 2017


David Griggs 2018 Artspace One Year Studio Artist

12 December 2017


Michael Staniak in the Wrong Digital Biennale São Paulo, BR

12 December 2017


Nell in 'Board' at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery

7 December 2017

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 10

Nell designs 2017 ARIAs artwork

2 November 2017


Ronnie van Hout in 'Hyper Real' at The National Gallery of Australia

19 October 2017


Patrick Pound and Daniel Boyd in the 2018 Adelaide Biennial

5 October 2017


Zac Langdon-Pole at Kunstverein München, Germany

4 October 2017


Consuelo Cavaniglia finalist in the 2017 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship

3 October 2017


Tom Polo '(These things) tell me more about you" at Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery

28 September 2017


Gareth Sansom 'Transformer' at NGV Australia

14 September 2017


Joshua Petherick in MOMENTA Biennale de l’image, Montreal, CA

2 September 2017


Patrick Pound in 'All that is solid…' at TarraWarra Museum of Art

31 August 2017

Magnification view of human blood cells under a Color scanning electron micrograph

Isadora Vaughan at The Honeymoon Suite

30 August 2017


Joshua Petherick in 'Future Eaters' at Monash University Museum of Art

28 July 2017


David Griggs finalist for the 2017 Archibald Prize

21 July 2017

Tom Polo Carbon Copy 2017 acrylic and Flashe on canvas 180 x 140 cm Photopgraphy Andrew Haining with border

Tom Polo and Jon Cattapan finalists for the 2017 Sulman Prize

20 July 2017


'Daniel Boyd: Bitter Sweet' at Cairns Art Gallery

23 June 2017


Joshua Petherick finalist in the Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award

30 May 2017


Dane Lovett finalist in the 2017 Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize

27 May 2017


Sarah Contos winner of the Ramsay Art Prize

26 May 2017


Tom Polo in Primavera 2017: Young Australian Artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

25 May 2017


Steve Carr 'Variations for Troubled Hands' at the Ashburton Art Gallery

17 May 2017


Zac Langdon-Pole awarded the prestigious Ars Viva-Prize 2018

2 May 2017

Gertrude - This is Not a Love Song-077

Sarah Contos and Tony Schwensen in 'Let’s dance' at Arts Project Australia.

29 April 2017


Sarah Contos finalist for the inaugural Ramsay Art Prize

26 April 2017


Daniel Boyd in 'Mondialité' at the Villa Empain, Brussels, Belgium

8 March 2017


Jon Cattapan in 'A decolonial geographic’ at the Devonport Regional Gallery

2 March 2017

Daniel Boyd 'Untitled' III

Daniel Boyd in ‘Defying Empire: 3rd National Indigenous Art Triennial’ at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

24 February 2017


'Patrick Pound: The Great Exhibition' Book Launch at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

21 February 2017


Laith McGregor finalist in the 2017 Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award

1 February 2017


Sarah Contos in 'This is Not a Love Song' at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

28 January 2017


André Piguet named Gertrude Contemporary's Studio Artist

25 January 2017


Consuelo Cavaniglia and Jonny Niesche in ‘Nice One Picasso’ at SCA, Sydney

21 January 2017


Gareth Sansom in ArtForum

17 January 2017

LM Air

Laith McGregor awarded the 2017 Helsinki International Artist Programme residency.

16 January 2017

Jonny Niesche in 'Superposition of three types’ at Artspace, Sydney

20 December 2016


STATION artists in 'Painting. More Painting' at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne

27 July 2016


Laith McGregor S-O-M-E-O-N-E

16 December 2016

Tom Polo 'Judgemental Earring' copy

Tom Polo 2017 Artspace One Year Studio Artist

10 December 2016


Marian Tubbs in 'Material Deviance' at the SculptureCenter, New York

8 December 2016

Sean Peoples & Jacky Connolly - Country Home Ideas 6

Sean Peoples in 'Human / Animal / Artist’ at the McClelland Sculpture Park, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

30 November 2016

Patrick Lundberg 6

Patrick Lundberg in 'Undreamed of…' at the Hocken and Dunedin Public Art Galleries, NZ

3 November 2016


Michelle Ussher has written on Édouard Vuillard for Frieze Masters Magazine

26 October 2016


Daniel Boyd in Phaidon’s latest Vitamin P instalment ‘Vitamin P3’

18 October 2016


Manuel Ocampo will represent the Philippines at the 2017 Venice Biennale

18 October 2016


Ronnie van Hout in ‘The National: New Australian Art 2017' at the MCA Sydney

11 October 2016


'Nell: The Wake'

11 October 2016

Country-Home 2

Sean Peoples 'Country Home Ideas' at Bus Projects, Melbourne

24 September 2016


Patrick Pound in 'The Documentary Take: Walker Evans and Selected Australian Art' at CCP, Melbourne

23 September 2016


Zac Langdon-Pole in 'Grammars' at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, NZ

20 September 2016


Patrick Pound 'The Great Exhibition' at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2017

17 September 2016


Dane Lovett in the 2016 R & M McGivern Prize

15 September 2016


Moya McKenna in 'Shut Up and Paint' at the NGV, Melbourne

14 September 2016


Ronnie van Hout 'YOU!' at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

6 September 2016


Patrick Lundberg in ‘Painting a Transitive Space’ at ST PAUL St Gallery, Auckland.

31 August 2016


Daniel Boyd 'Parts of Lost Body (after Aimé Césaire & Pablo Picasso)’

30 August 2016


André Piguet 'earth, passing thru trap’ at Sydney

30 August 2016

Daniel Boyd window 5[1]

Daniel Boyd in 'Sixth Sense' at the National Art School, Sydney

19 August 2016


Adam Lee, Laith McGregor, and Nell in ‘Sirens (I Heard Voices in the Night)’ at Gertrude Glasshouse, Melbourne

10 August 2016


James Deutsher in the 2016 TarraWarra Biennial: 'Endless Circulation'

10 August 2016


Laith McGregor's 'S.plit F.ollow' at Long Division Gallery, Melbourne

26 July 2016

Raft City No 4 (Surveillance Version) 2015, Oil on linen, 165 x 198 cm

Jon Cattapan awarded the 2016 Rockhampton Art Gallery’s $50,000 Gold Award,

23 July 2016


Patrick Pound 'Documentary Intersect' at The Adam Art Gallery, Wellington NZ

15 July 2016


STATION artists in the 2016 Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes

12 July 2016


Zac Langdon-Pole in the Fellbach Triennial, Germany

17 June 2016


Ronnie van Hout's 'Quasi' installed at the Christchurch Art Gallery, NZ

16 June 2016

double vision

David Griggs in 'Double Vision' at the National University of Singapore

10 June 2016


Daniel Boyd in 'The Shadow Never Lies' at the Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai

27 May 2016


Daniel Boyd in ALL SUMMER IN A DAY at Gavin Brown Enterprise

20 May 2016


Laith McGregor in 'Got it for Cheap' at Gallery Steinsland Berliner, Stockholm

19 May 2016


Zac Langdon-Pole in the 2016-17 La Biennale de Montréal

10 May 2016


Marian Tubbs in ‘Abstract Sex*’

10 May 2016


Ronnie van Hout in 'Design & Play' at RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne

3 May 2016


Tony Schwensen in 'Borders, Barriers, Walls' at MUMA

21 April 2016


Steve Carr discussion at ACMI

28 March 2016


Steve Carr's 'A Manual for Small Archives' at CCP

27 March 2016


James Deutsher in 'The Future of Fashion is Now' at OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen

24 March 2016


Ronnie van Hout in 'Is This Thing On?' at Counihan Gallery, Melbourne

17 March 2016


Patrick Lundberg in 'Forget me, forget me' at North Projects, Christchurch NZ

15 March 2016


Patrick Lundberg in 'Economy' at West Space, Melbourne

11 March 2016


Michelle Ussher in 'Dancing Umbrellas' at Heide Museum of Modern Art

8 March 2016


Tom Polo at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

23 February 2016


Michelle Ussher in 'The Green Ray' at Wilkinson Gallery, London

18 February 2016


Tony Schwensen in ‘Support Material, Soft Furnishings’ at RMIT Project Space, Melbourne

6 February 2016


Michelle Ussher in 'PLEASURE is a guiding principle'

27 January 2016

Boyd (install 5)

Daniel Boyd at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane

15 January 2016

Zero to Hero TCB BW Image

Patrick Lundberg in 'Zero to Hero' at TCB art Inc, Melbourne

14 January 2016


Jonny Niesche 'New Jörg, New Jörg' at New Jörg Kunstverein, Wein, Austria

13 January 2016


'Into The Void'

30 October 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11

Daniel Boyd in The 2016 Biennale of Sydney, 'The future is already here — it’s just not evenly distributed'

28 October 2015


Tony Schwensen’s 'Great America' at Bus Projects

13 October 2015


Gareth Sansom and Nell in the 2016 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art

9 September 2015


Daniel Boyd awarded the Young Artist Award

21 August 2015

All she needs 2014

Tom Polo awarded the 2015 Brett Whiteley Travelling Art Scholarship

13 August 2015

punk on a bed

Ronnie van Hout at the Centre for Contemporary Photography as apart of the 2015 Melbourne Festival

5 August 2015


Anna Kristensen curated into 'Sold State' at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

13 July 2015

VIn-ish 2015

TV Moore's 'With Love & Squalor' at ACCA, Melbourne

10 July 2015


Séraphine Pick's 'White Noise' at The Dowse Art Museum, New Zealand

19 June 2015


Laith McGregor's exhibition 'PULAU' and artist residency at The Young, Wellington

12 June 2015


Jonny Niesche in the NGV's 'The Kaleidoscopic Turn'

20 February 2015


Tom Polo's 'ArtBar' at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

29 January 2015


Ronnie van Hout talk at the National Gallery of Victoria: International

28 January 2015

Patrick Lundberg 11

Patrick Lundberg in 'Necessary Distraction: A Painting Show' at the Auckland Art Gallery

17 November 2015

Install 1LR

Michelle Ussher's 'The Mind goes out to Meet itself at Artspace, Sydney

27 May 2015

working drawing

Ronnie van Hout 'Punk on a Bed' at TCB art Inc

5 May 2015

Polo 2

Tom Polo for the West Space Annual Fundraiser

15 April 2015


Tony Schwensen in 'Tell Me My Truth'

14 March 2015

(TI1) LR

Daniel Boyd in 'All the World’s Futures' at the 56th International Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia

6 March 2015


Nell's 'The Labyrinth' in 'Day for Night' at Carriageworks

11 February 2015


Steve Carr in 'Imagine Asia' at the Pataka Art Museum, NZ

11 February 2015


James Deutsher in 'Fun House'

27 January 2015

Many holes

Tom Polo in 'Glazed and Confused: Ceramics in Contemporary Art Practice'

10 December 2014

Nell in 'Express yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids' at the National Galley of Victoria: International

17 October 2014

Michelle Ussher - A Song for Two Eyeballs

30 September 2014


Robert Hunter 1947 — 2014

25 September 2014

Tony Schwensen in the 'Performance Art Festival', Salt Lake City

18 September 2014

Jon Campbell, Adam Lee, and Moya McKenna shortlisted in this years Geelong contemporary art prize

22 July 2014

Fist (crop)

Michelle Ussher in 'Different Strokes' at Casula Powerhouse

25 November 2014


Michelle Ussher in 'Incidents Above A Bar (Part 5): Nine Painting Presentation'

12 November 2014


Ronnie van Hout's band 'Into the Void' documentary

12 November 2014

Daniel Boyd 'Untitled (PSM)'

Daniel Boyd in the 2014 Kochi-Muziris Biennale

8 November 2014

Dance of Doubt 2014

Tom Polo in 'Sideshow' at UTS Gallery, Sydney

16 October 2014


Jon Campbell interview on The Design Files

7 October 2014


Anna Kristensen's 'The Indian Chamber' at Wollongong Art Gallery

12 September 2014


Michelle Ussher in 'The White Hotel'

5 August 2014


Daniel Boyd in the 2014 TarraWarra Biennial

24 July 2014

DKB0414_031_72 copy

Nell is now represented by Station

24 July 2014

allIknow final

Tom Polo in 'The List' at the Campbeltown Arts Centre

23 July 2014


David Griggs finalist in the 2014 Archibald Prize

10 July 2014

Tony Schwensen finalist in the 2014 Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Travel Scholarship

21 June 2014


James Deutsher at The Centre for Contemporary Art at the Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw

21 June 2014

Anna Kristensen named finalist in this year’s $10,000 John Fries Award

21 June 2014

Steve Carr included in this years Edinburgh Art Festival, Scotland

21 June 2014

Tom Polo Station Spring1883

Tom Polo representing Station in Spring 1883 at the Windsor Hotel, Melbourne

19 June 2014


Daniel Boyd in the 'Moscow International Biennale for Young Art'

12 June 2014

Jon Campbell studio visit with Art Guide Australia

4 June 2014

Séraphine Pick’s 'Looking like someone else' at the Pataka Art Museum, Wellington

27 May 2014

Laith McGregor included in 'Conquest of Space'

23 May 2014

lee_adam_the veil:the unknown

Adam Lee shortlisted for National Works on Paper Prize

23 May 2014


Tom Polo wins the 2014 Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

17 April 2014

Steve Carr in Artforum

16 April 2014


Daniel Boyd is the 2014 Bvlgari Art Award recipient

16 April 2014

Tom Polo in the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize and at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation

8 April 2014


Daniel Boyd at the Museu Picasso, Barcelona

19 March 2014

Picture 93

TV Moore at the 19th Biennale of Sydney & Campbelltown Arts Centre

19 March 2014


Steve Carr at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery

19 March 2014


Jon Campbell at Hell's Kitchen

18 March 2014

Manuel Ocampo at West Gallery, Metropolitan Museum of Manila and Galerie Nathalie Obadia

15 March 2014


Dane Lovett at TCB Art Inc., Melbourne

15 March 2014

McGregor, Laith, 'OHNE TITEL'

Laith McGregor at the Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne

15 March 2014


Michelle Ussher at the Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Victoria

15 March 2014

Jon Campbell and the Melbourne Art Trams Project

2 August 2013

Daniel Boyd and Manuel Ocampo in The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT7)

26 February 2013

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 1

Manuel Ocampo at Tyler Rollins Fine Art, New York

12 December 2012


Jon Campbell at the National Gallery of Victoria

11 December 2012

Tony Schwensen at the UTS Gallery, Sydney

18 September 2012


Matt Hinkley in Frieze

11 September 2012


Jon Campbell wins the Basil Sellers Art Prize

2 August 2012


Ronnie van Hout at The Dowse Art Museum, New Zealand

23 June 2012


Renee So at Jancou, Geneva

6 June 2012


Simon Denny at the Aspen Art Museum

10 May 2012

Simon Denny nominated for the 2012 Walters Prize

26 April 2012


Kalimanrawlins at The New Fair in August 2012

19 April 2012


Anna Kristensen at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

13 April 2012

Renee So in Frieze & Artforum

10 April 2012


Simon Denny at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London

21 March 2012

Steve Carr included in CIRCUIT

14 March 2012

Steve Carr in the Angelholm International Video Art Festival

6 March 2012

Tony Schwensen in PALS at Fylkingen, Stockholm

21 February 2012


Daniel Boyd on

15 February 2012

Matt Hinkley & James Deutsher at Ltd Los Angeles

8 February 2012

Simon Denny at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, New York

11 November 2011

Daniel Boyd at Bétonsalon, Paris

8 November 2011

Screen shot 2011-11-04 at 12

Steve Carr at the Centre Pompidou, Paris

4 November 2011

Michelle Ussher in the 2012 Adelaide Biennial

2 November 2011

Renee So at Barriera, Turin

29 October 2011


James Deutsher, Diena Georgetti & Matt Hinkley at the Monash University Museum of Art

20 October 2011


Anna Kristensen in Ampersand Magazine

8 September 2011

Simon Denny at the Westfälischer Kunstverein

23 July 2011

Daniel Boyd in London

22 July 2011

Manuel Ocampo & James Deutsher in Dublin Contemporary 11

20 July 2011

Simon Denny in Based in Berlin

20 July 2011