Michelle Ussher in the 2012 Adelaide Biennial

2 November 2011

Michelle Ussher will be included in the 2012 Adelaide Biennial.

An experiential proposition inspired by art, cinema and literature, the 2012 Adelaide Biennial explores the ways in which ideas emerge, converge and re-form through time. From a floating island of 2000 cut-glass objects to an explosive light installation that clocks in real time human births, deaths and dying stars, this Biennial considers the temporality of the present as it parallels and collides with the past.

Across four physical platforms, Parallel Collisions presents 21 commissioned works by some of Australia’s leading artists, 21 original texts, a designer, an architect, two curators and an institution, forming a connective tissue that attempts to understand our subjective experience of time.

Parallel Collisions: The 2012 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
Curators: Natasha Bullock and Alexie Glass-Kantor
2nd March — 29th April 2012
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide