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Steaphan Paton in Art Forum

22 November 2019

Steaphan Paton's exhibition 'Nullius in Verba', shown at STATION | Melbourne earlier this year, has been reviewed by Helen Hughes in the current issue of Art Forum.

​"Whether applied to shields, to bodies as part of a ceremony, or to tree trunks, these designs have been passed down by Paton's ancestors over thousands of years, directly binding him to both kin and Country (the holistic conception of place, including its physical, spiritual, and political dimensions). So it was not a body that we encountered in "Nullius in Verba," per se, but specifically an Indigenous Australian body—or, rather, twelve of them." – Helen Hughes

Image: Steaphan Paton 'Nullius in Verba' 2019, installation view. Photo: Tobias Titz)