Marian Tubbs and Michelle Ussher in 'Another Dimension' at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery

4 April 2018

Marian Tubbs and Michelle Ussher are exhibiting work in Another Dimension at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery. Curated by Simon Lawrie, the exhibition explores the dynamic relationship between form and content in contemporary art, by positioning sculpture as part of a broader two and three-dimensional spatial practice. Within traditional artistic categories a clear definition between pictorial and physical space can be found, yet the relations between image and object are more fluid today. This exhibition showcases six contemporary Australian artists who, working across and between media, have creatively ventured into other dimensions.

Officially opening this Sunday 8 April, the exhibition runs until 15 July.

Image: Michelle Ussher ’Blueye Ballsack’ 2015)