Ronnie van Hout 'YOU!' at Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne

6 September 2016

Ronnie van Hout will be presenting a new sculptural work for his upcoming exhibition YOU! at Gertrude Contemporary. Created specifically for the street-facing front gallery of Gertrude Contemporary, van Hout’s sculptural figure stands in the centre of the room, pointing back at the viewer and the street with an almost accusatory menace. Turning the tide on what it might mean to be stared upon, we are implicated in the narrative, indeed, we are somehow at fault and being singled out for this reason. Through this van Hout performs a tangential shift within self-portraiture to cast the viewer as the subject, reprimanding us for looking and returning power to the lone figure in the gallery.  

Opening on 9 September, the exhibition runs until 15 October.

Image: Ronnie van Hout 'YOU!' (detail) 2016)