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Consuelo Cavaniglia 'between and among objects' at Margaret Lawrence Gallery

4 October 2018

Consuelo Cavaniglia will be presenting a solo exhibition of new work tonight at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

Cavaniglia’s work is determined by the selection and orchestration of lines, shadows, planes of colour and reflective surfaces. Her pieces create environments where the viewer, artwork and space they share are all intricately connected, and which challenge perceptual expectations of surface qualities through angling, layering and offsetting reflection and shade. These works bring new dimensions to our understanding of installation practice, in which sensorial and emotive responses to works are privileged and a multiplicity of experiences arise.

The exhibition opens Thursday 4 October 5.30-7.30pm, and runs until 3 November.

Image: Consuelo Cavaniglia, installation view, Margaret Lawrence Gallery 2018)