Consuelo Cavaniglia 'The Theatre is Lying' review in The Saturday Paper

14 February 2019

“The first encounter of ‘The Theatre Is Lying’ is with a screen, transparent and flat, supported by a metal frame, castors and handles. A screen to be moved; a screen for seeing through, not around. The artist, Consuelo Cavaniglia, makes work that forces us to encounter architectural space, embedding us in its network, its system. Hers is a theatre of five dimensions.”

Lisa Radford’s review of ‘The Theatre is Lying’, which includes a new body of work by Consuelo Cavaniglia, was published in The Saturday Paper. Read the full review.

The Theatre is Lying’ is on view at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art until March 24.

Image: Consuelo Cavaniglia, ‘distant present’ 2018 (installation view). Photograph by Andrew Curtis)