Book cover

Adam Lee - Monolith

2 February 2019

Stonehouse–Glasshouse Residency 2017

Adam Lee was the first recipient of the Stonehouse/Glasshouse residency. He travelled with his family to Chenaud, France, where he spent six weeks in the studio in July and August 2017. Upon returning to Australia, Lee made the body of work ‘Monolith’, which was shown at Gertrude Glasshouse in January 2018. ‘Monolith’ draws upon Lee’s experience of remoteness within the rural landscape of Southern France. The works mine aspects of local folklore and religious mythologies, interweaved with fragments of the personal and autobiographic.

Dr Kent Wilson, senior curator at the La Trobe Art Institute, wrote an essay to accompany the show. This essay is reproduced in the book, together with installation photographs of the Gertrude Glasshouse exhibition and images of the individual works.

Book launch: Saturday 2 February, 2–4pm at Gertrude Glasshouse