Clare Milledge in 'Second Sight: Witchcraft, Ritual, Power’ at UQ Art Museum

28 February 2019

Clare Milledge is included in 'Second Sight: Witchcraft, Ritual, Power’ at UQ Art Museum.

‘Second Sight’ brings together artists who conjure ideas related to witchcraft, sorcery and magical practices. The exhibition offers a space for intuition, rituals, collective happenings, incantations, and peripheral activity — practices recurrently dismissed as mere magical phenomena.

Clare has created an installation called 'Art as Fieldwork: Hot Spell on the Way’, which involved her conducting fieldwork with ecologists in parts of regional Australia, collecting material and making field recordings.

Image: Clare Milledge, 'I am a flood: across a plain; I am a thorn: beneath the nail’ 2019, front)