Zac Langdon-Pole at S.M.A.K, Ghent

10 February 2018

Zac Langdon-Pole will be exhibiting work in Belgium this month, as a recipient of the ARS VIVA 2017/18 Prize - an art prize awarded to three young artists living in Germany whose works are distinguished by their pioneering potential. The prize, also awarded to Oscar Engberg (NZ) and Sophie Berger (AT) includes a residency on Fogo Island and a travelling exhibition of new work. Following their first exhibition at the Kunstverein Munich in 2017, work of the three winners is now on show at S.M.A.K, Ghent. In Ghent the three artists concentrate on the specific spatial setting of S.M.A.K, including the museum building as well as its urban environment, with Langdon-Pole’s presentation including a project mounted in association with a florist’s shop near the museum.

The ARS VIVA 2017/18 Prize Exhibition opens at S.M.A.K today, 10 February, and continues until 13 May 2018.

Image: Zac Langdon Pole, Punctatum (detail), 2017)