Dane Lovett finalist in 2019 Sulman Prize

3 May 2019

Dane Lovett is a finalist in the 2019 Sir John Sulman Prize.

The prize celebrates the best subject painting, genre painting or mural project by an Australian artist.

Dane says of his work:
"'Standard poodle 8' is part of a series of paintings based on photographs of dogs posted online. While it’s possible to scroll through an almost endless feed of poodle images on the internet, I have painted this particular image over and over again. With each version, parts of the original are lost or distorted, and the work becomes more concerned with self-reflexivity, gesture and mark-making. I am particularly interested in how images, whether iconic or ubiquitous, can slip between the familiar, the strange, the ugly and the beautiful, and occasionally reverberate between all four."

Image: Dane Lovett, 'Standard poodle 8', 2018)