Sean Peoples & Jacky Connolly - Country Home Ideas 6

Sean Peoples in 'Human / Animal / Artist’ at the McClelland Sculpture Park, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

30 November 2016
Sean Peoples is currently showing work in Human / Animal / Artist at the McClelland Sculpture Park on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. This exhibition includes a diverse range of established and emerging contemporary artists who emulate, incorporate or refer to the works of animals, whether nest, web, hive, shelter, structure, design, trace, song or dance.  It explores how the exquisite, elaborate and sophisticated works of certain animals can have a direct, fecund and illuminating relationship with contemporary art.
The exhibition runs until 19 February 2017.
Image: #SeanPeoples 'Irrational - Non-cartesian - Emotional’ 2016) #STATIONmelbourne