daniel boyd

Daniel Boyd and Edition Office’s sculpture 'For Our Country' unveiled at Australian War Memorial

27 March 2019

Tomorrow Daniel Boyd and Edition Office’s sculpture 'For Our Country', commissioned for the Memorial Sculpture Garden at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, will be unveiled.

Commemorating the the military service and experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, ‘For our Country’ takes the form of a sculptural pavilion set behind a ceremonial fire pit within a circular stonefield.

“[The memorial] is a manifestation of a deep connection to the land and responsibility to future generations: how they will inherit this relationship; generational exchange of knowledge that has happened hundreds of thousands of times, from parent to child, grandparent to child, great-grandparent to child, and so on. It is about our respect for the land, how we would like our children to experience that connection, while understanding the sacrifices made to seek a system in equilibrium.” - Daniel Boyd, 2018

Dr Jackie Huggins AM FAHA (Bidjara and Birri Gubba Judi) will perform the dedication tomorrow Thursday 28 March at 9am.

Image: Concept rendering of ‘For Our Country’. Image courtesy Edition Office)