Nell 'Eveleigh Treehouse' Commission

8 December 2018

Nell has been commissioned to undertake a major new public art installation by Carriageworks, in conjunction with Mirvac. A collaborative design with Cave Urban, Nell's 'Eveleigh Tree House' will comprise of a series of teardrop-shaped houses sitting atop stilts and connected by platforms at South Eveleigh, which lies across the train line from Carriageworks. The project is being overseen by Carriageworks curator Daniel Mudie Cunningham and Mirvac as part of broader public art plan across the site. Indigenous artists were also consulted, with the architecture providing new sites for contemplation and retreat within the urban environment. Eveleigh Treehouse will be unveiled in full in 2019.

Image: 'Eveleigh Tree House', artist’s impression, courtesy Juan Pablo Pinto)