Reko Rennie 'REMEMBER ME' commission for Carriageworks

26 January 2020

Reko Rennie has been commissioned by Carriageworks to create a 'REMEMBER ME', a large-scale illuminated text work, positioned at their entrance as part of the 2020 Summer Commissions Program.

In the 250th year since Captain James Cook’s first landfall at Kamay Botany Bay and the HMB Endeavour’s charting of the east coast of Australia, Rennie has created a present-day memorial in recognition of the frontier wars, the massacres and the survival of the original sovereigns of this country – the Aboriginal people of Australia.

​The completion of this work has been delayed by unforeseen installation issues compounded by recent environmental conditions. Once launched, it will remain on display until January 2021.

Image: Reko Rennie 'REMEMBER ME', 2020, Carriageworks. Photo: Zan Wimberley.