15 Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands 31

Zac Langdon-Pole at Art Basel Miami

8 December 2019

Zac Langdon-Pole is currently presenting 'Sutures of the Sky' in the BMW Lounge at Art Basel Miami. After winning the 2018 BMW Art Journey Prize, Langdon-Pole undertook extensive ​travel and research, ​exploring how people have mapped the stars throughout history. With a focus on celestial mapping, from Europe to the Pacific Islands, Langdon-Pole sought to trace how Western forms of mapping have interacted with perspectives from the Pacific region.

​Throughout his travels Langdon-Pole collected small samples of sand from specified locations. Then, using an analogue photographic method in a darkroom, he used these samples to make photograms of sand from each specified location. The project also involved the publication of 'Constellations', published by Hatje Cantz, which documents Langdon-Pole’s BMW Art Journey.

Image: Zac Langdon-Pole 'Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands 31.01.2019', 2019.