Daniel Boyd in 'The Shadow Never Lies' at the Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai

27 May 2016
Daniel Boyd is currently presenting his four channel video installation A Darker Shade of Dark (2012) in The Shadow Never Lies at the Minsheng Art Museum in Shanghai, China. Cruated by Jiang Jiehong and Mark Nash this exhibition features more than 30 international artists from 16 countries and takes its theme from the Chineese word 'Yingxiang' — translated literally as ‘shadow image’.
In the context of contemporary art, Yingxiang refers to visual media including both still and moving images, such as photography video, film and animation, whether produced through traditional or digital techniques. But here in this exhibtion it is no longer simply a definition of visual media, but a particular concept, a new perspective, through which we re-experience its ‘remoteness’ and ‘ otherness’.
The exhibition runs until 31 July.
Image: Daniel Boyd ‘A Darker Shade of Dark' (detail) 2012)