Lotus 6

Dane Lovett China Residency as part of Victoria-Jiangsu Sister Province Arts Exchange at PCCA

12 October 2019

Dane Lovett is currently undertaking an artist residency in China’s Jiangsu Province, as part of the Victoria-Jiangsu Sister Province Arts Exchange at Points Centre for Contemporary Art (PCCA). The residency is supported by Creative Victoria.

The artist is spending time in the water town of Jinxi researching ink and wash painting, and creating works inspired by the provincial landscape. While there, Dane is also being hosted by Nanjing University of the Arts.⠀

Dane will be exhibiting new works at Points International Residency Exhibition III, Jiangsu on 8 October 2019. ⠀

Image: Dane Lovett ‘Lotus 6’ 2019, Dane exploring Jiangsu Province, artist studio, photographic research of the area) ⠀