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Adam Lee publication finalist AGDA Design Awards, 2019

2 October 2019

The publication 'Adam Lee Monolith - Stonehouse-Glasshouse’ has been selected as a Finalist in the prestigious 2019 AGDA Design Awards. In 2017, Adam became the first Stonehouse-Glasshouse recipient and travelled with his family to the Chenaud village, Southern France, where the residency is located. ⠀

The book documents Adam’s experience of remoteness within the rural landscapes and features artwork images and installation photographs of his Gertrude Glasshouse exhibition, as well as an accompanying essay by Dr Kent Wilson, senior curator at the La Trobe Art Institute. The publication is available to purchase at STATION.⠀

Image: 'Adam Lee Monolith - Stonehouse-Glasshouse’ 2019. Hayman Design)