Joshua Petherick Lewis Fidock

Joshua Petherick & Lewis Fidock 'Weevils in the Flour' at Gertrude Contemporary

6 February 2020

Joshua Petherick, in collaboration with Lewis Fidock, presents 'Weevils in the Flour' at Gertrude Contemporary, opening tomorrow, Friday 7 February, 6–8pm. The exhibition will be on until 22 March.
​In parallel with their solo practices, Lewis Fidock and Joshua Petherick have been collaborating intermittently since 2016. Working predominantly in sculpture, the artists engage strategies of artifice, to consider and obfuscate the relationship between objects and time, archaeology and preservation, history and future. Presenting such objects within the environment of the gallery, Fidock and Petherick offer propositions and speculations that entangle the real world with the realm of alternative narratives for how objects might reflect, challenge or disrupt histories and systems and hierarchies of cultural and economic value attribution.

Image: Joshua Petherick and Lewis Fidock, 'found image from a special effects manual' 2020.