André Piguet’s decentralised practice deliberately resists classification and instead works to push boundaries of value, commodification of art and originality. His multi-disciplinary output includes drawing, painting, sculpture, assemblage and installation, drawing on diverse interests in physics, cosmology, metallurgy, complex systems, music, architecture and popular visual culture. The desire to test material limits is a consistent theme in Piguet’s works, played out through the introduction of materials such as wax, resin, cast acrylic and gallium, to more traditional processes such as oil painting. His ongoing bodies of work are both conceptually-driven and process-based, reflecting a generative process of experimentation.

Piguet has exhibited consistently over the past decade in Australia, and has also exhibited in New Zealand, Italy, Brussels, France and the UK. He was a Gertrude Contemporary Studio Artist 2017–19 and was awarded the Stonehouse-Glasshouse Residency in France in 2018. Piguet’s first significant artist book: André Piguet  Selected Works on Paper 2014*-2021 was published in 2022.