Steve Carr
15 June – 13 July 2024


STATION is delighted to present Steve Carr’s latest iteration of 'In Bloom (2020 - )', following on from its recent presentation at Sculpture on the Gulf in Waiheke, NZ. 'In Bloom (Marx)' 2024 consists of 11 bronze-cast car tyres, stacked in seemingly random arrangements, that hold floral artistry by Katie Marx Flowers infiltrating both the artwork as vessels and the exhibition space.

'In Bloom (Marx)', 2024 speaks of Carr’s interest in materials, and the transformation of a humble tyre into something of much greater value when rendered in bronze. The tyres carry the language of use, reuse, and reincarnation which is demonstrated further through Carr’s ongoing collaborations with floral artists and landscapers. In this latest iteration, Katie Marx Flowers have been invited to co-create within the exhibition space with natural flora.

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Installation Views


In Bloom (Marx) 2024
Installation view