Things Fall Apart
7 October – 4 November 2023


Opening: Saturday 7 October, 4–6pm

STATION is delighted to present our forthcoming exhibition by Michelle Ussher, Things Fall Apart.

Ussher’s ethereal visual language, reflected in both her ceramics and paintings, is characterised by a combination of surrealism, spiritualism, psychology, mischief, and an ongoing interrogation into feminine symbols.

 Things Fall Apart is a metaphor for the process of making. It can also be visualised as the falling apart of intimate strategies and defences developed in childhood that are no longer necessary in adulthood. Like the scaffolding of a personality slowly falling away to reveal a person unseen; like an artwork coming apart in your hands as it is made. The feeling is both disarming and revealing yet also exciting; its form cannot be anticipated and what is exposed is still in the making.

Things Falls Apart continues Ussher’s ongoing investigations into figure, painterly movement and half-materialised form. Materially, the works in the exhibition evolved with their own determination. They remain elusive until they appear, at once, avoiding glimpses of themselves that could allow them being identified, categorised, named and discarded before they form. It is a strategy for remaining always possible.

image: Michelle Ussher, Triple Moon Face, 2023, ceramic, 33 x 28 x 4 cm.