Jon Cattapan’s detailed and atmospheric works deal primarily with ways of representing urban landscapes and narratives. His practice is based in the traditional mediums of painting and drawing, with much of his work being underpinned by explorations of how the human form can be visualised through different stylistic means, from figuration to abstraction. Within his saturated, layered vistas and figurative groupings we see influences of contemporary global culture and recent history, that range from science fiction and film, through to the representations of conflict and urban social debates.

Cattapan is one of Australia’s most established and highly-respected artists, having been awarded some of the country’s top accolades for achievements in visual art, including the prestigious Bulgari Art Award in 2013. Since the beginning of his career in 1978, he has presented over sixty solo exhibitions and his works are represented in most Australian state and territory collections. In 2006, he was honoured with a major retrospective, The Drowned World: Jon Cattapan works and collaborations, at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne. In 2008 Cattapan took up a commission through the Australian War Memorial as Australia’s 63rd Official War Artist, and was deployed to Timor Leste, where he explored Night Vision technology as an aesthetic tool, which continues to inform his work.


Jon Cattapan, Nadia Hernández, Manuel Ocampo, Reko Rennie

18 January – 21 January 2024

art fair

Dark is the night before day

Jon Cattapan, Adam Lee, Clare Milledge, Nell, Jason Phu, Heather B. Swann & Jake Walker

9 June – 18 June 2023


Jon Cattapan

Particle Days

9 April – 14 May 2022



Ten year show

12 June – 10 July 2021


Photo 7-1-21, 10 47 48 am

Quarantine Art Fair

Jon Cattapan, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Adam Lee, Dane Lovett, Nell, Jonny Niesche, Tom Polo, Reko Rennie, Gareth Sansom, Michelle Ussher, Isadora Vaughan, Yevgeniya Baras

7 January – 10 January 2021

art fair

AL+JC_web image

Adam Lee & Jon Cattapan


23 February – 23 March 2019



Shantih shantih shantih

Jon Cattapan, Adam Lee, Sam Martin, Nell, Tomislav Nikolic, Michelle Ussher, and Jake Walker

16 June – 21 July 2018


Jon Cattapan

The Wind Cannot Read

9 July – 30 July 2016


Lyndell Brown/Charles Green & Jon Cattapan

Spook Country: A Collaboration

21 August – 27 September 2014



Ready Player One

Daniel Boyd, Jon Campbell, Jon Cattapan, Nadine Christensen, David Griggs, Anna Kristensen, Adam Lee, Laith McGregor, Moya McKenna, Tim McMonagle, Séraphine Pick, and Tom Polo

4 February – 8 March 2014


LX1R2626 1

Jon Cattapan

10 October – 24 November 2012


First show

Daniel Boyd, Jon Campbell, Steve Carr, Jon Cattapan, Simon Denny, James Deutsher, Diena Georgetti, Matt Hinkley, Robert Hunter, Moya McKenna, Tim McMonagle, Tony Schwensen, Renee So, Glenn Sorensen, Michelle Ussher, Ronnie van Hout

23 July – 20 August 2011